Which is the Best Water Ionizers for 2022?

lonized water has been discovered to have several health benefits, from preventing cancer, to cardiovascular boost, to improved digestion and efficient hydration. The production of alkaline ionized water can be achieved with the right water ionizer system. With so many brands in the market, it’s important that you know which brand can produce the right PH level that you need.

Water Ionizers for 2022?


Our top Water ionizer is the AQUA IONIZER DELUXE 9.5. This new improved Deluxe 9.5 is designed to produce higher hydrogen at a drinking pH level, using a proprietary Antioxidant boost technology. It features 7 healthy water options to produce water with a pH level of 3-11.5. While boosting the age-fighting antioxidant potential of the water with a – 580 to +1000 ORP.

The 7 healthy water options include 4 ionised alkalines with continuous variability, 2 ionised acidic presets, and 1 purified water preset. What we like the most is its precise adjustable pH level. Whether the water in your area is hard or soft, you’ll be able to use this unit to adjust it to your needs. Additionally, for your safety, this system does not just display the numbers of the pH level. It tells you what the water can actually be used for at each pH level. Moreover, it has a built-in active carbon water filter designed to remove many harmful pollutants found in tap water.

This ensures that it delivers water in the purest hydrogenated form needed to keep you healthy. It’s worth noting that the carbon filter is recommended to be changed after 12 months of usage. Finally, unlike other water ionizers, the Deluxe 9.5 uses advanced 9 platinum-coated titanium plates. This ensures durability and increased hygiene. So you’ll have the freshest water for many years to come.

AQUA IONIZER DELUXE 9.5 Specifications
Brand Aqua-Ionizer Pro
Capacity 4000 litres
Material Plastic
Included Components Turbo Flex Extension Faucet
Purification Method Alkaline, Oxidation Reduction Potential

Pros :

  • It cleans itself after each use.
  • It has an intuitive backlight LCD.
  • It is easy to install.

Cons :

  • It won’t produce water acidic enough for sanitization.

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.5 is suitable for anyone looking for an easy to operate and reliable ionizer with good antioxidant technology.


The second product on our list is the BAWELL PLATINUM ALKALINE. This unit is made by a company well known in the water filter industry for its high-quality at-home water filtration solutions. This ionizer filters your water from harmful contaminants and, at the same time, regulates the PH level. It does this using its newest 2-stage internal filtration mechanism.

We liked that it includes 3 external filters. This filter can be combined with the 2 internal filters to make a 5-stage filtration mechanism, delivering alkaline water in the purest form. This system features 8 pre-programmed settings with a PH range of 3.0 to 12.0 and an ORP range of +600 to -800. These 8 pre-programmed settings are divided into 4 alkaline levels, 3 acidic levels. And one mode that simply purifies the water with a neutral pH balance. This means you can get exactly the right water to suit your preferences regardless of where your water source is from.

Additionally, you can choose one of the 35 preset alkaline and acidic water levels, which makes up the 5 power settings. We like that it has voice indications to guide you and tell you details about the water settings. With its large LCD screen, the system is quite easy to use. It effectively tells you about the pH and ORP value, the life of the 2 internal filters, the alkaline, acidic, and purified water level.

It does this in the most simplistic and modern way. Furthermore, BAWELL has a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute. And it dispenses water through its seven solid medical-grade titanium platinum-coated plates. Depending on how much water you consume, you might need to change the filter just once per year.

Brand Bawell
Capacity 5000 litres
Item Dimensions LxWxH 30 x 15.7 x 38.6 Centimeters
Included Components 1 Water Ionizer
Item Weight 11.02 Pounds
Purification Method Alkaline

Pros :

  • It is easy to install.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It has a good design that will fit any kitchen decor.

Cons :

  • This machine cant be hidden away under the sink.

This machine is suitable for anyone looking for an efficient countertop water ionizer.


The third product on our list is the WATERDROP RO. This super sleek Ro system for home and office is the first smart system with a tankless design and composite filters in the US market. It is an excellent buy for those who never compromise on the quality of water they drink. We also liked that it has 3 composite filters, which produce seven stages of filtration.

The first filter is the pre carbon black filter. It has a layer of black carbon sandwiched between two PP cotton layers, which removes chlorine, sand, rust, solid, and other impurities. The second filter is the reverse osmosis membrane. This membrane is equal to more than 3 levels of filtration. It removes total dissolved sediments, limescale, heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses.

This stage alone removes 99 percent of all water contaminants. While the third filter is the post-carbon filter, which contains high-precision activated carbon granules made from natural coconut shells. This improves the taste and adds a small amount of minerals before finally supplying that gleaming, ultra-fresh water for you and your family. Additionally, the Waterdrop company came up with this tankless design because they believe that plastic tanks impart water taste and offer a breeding ground for bacteria. We like this design because it makes the system a space saver and filters water on demand.

Thanks to its smart pressure pump, there is no waiting for clean water. It can fill a regular-sized glass in 12 seconds and 400 gallons of water per day. Unlike other traditional systems, it has a wastewater ratio of 1:1 at all times, saving on water bills by up to 3000-percent.

WATERDROP RO Specifications
Brand Waterdrop
Power source Corded Electric
Capacity 400 Gallons
Model Name WD-G3-W
Material Reverse Osmosis Membrane & Carbon Block & PP Cotton

Pros :

  • It has a well-designed faucet.
  • It has a leakage indicator.
  • It has NSF certification.

Cons :

  • It may require the help of a professional to install.

The Waterdrop RO system is for those who hold aesthetics and efficient water purification above everything else.


Up next in fourth place is the INTELGADGETS IONTECH IT-757. With the IT-757, you are sure to provide your body with the right amount of antioxidants it requires. The first feature that catches the eye when you look at this machine is the plus and minus button to change the pH level of your fresh Alkaline water slightly. This adds to your overall taste experience. This machine uses 7 different levels of electrolysis which include 4 alkaline levels, 2 levels for acidic, and 1 for purified.

The carbon fiber filter is efficient and capable of processing 1250 gallons of water without needing to be changed. It converts regular water into drinking water, good for cooking, and acidic water suitable for cleaning. We like that, for safety, the machine switches over to the purified water setting each time you finish using the acidic water setting.

This is to prevent accidental consumption of acidic water. However, checking the settings and indicators is also recommended before consuming water from the machine directly. We also like that the IT-757 has a nice soft-touch button control panel and an LCD that shows everything you need to know. You can see the filter life, pH level, ORP level, and more. The water output quality of this ionizer is secured. It uses five high-quality platinum plates with ceramic ionized membranes to dispense fresh alkaline or acidic water.

Furthermore, its internal cleaning process is automated. After each use, it undergoes a 10 seconds electrolysis chamber cleaning. And when there is a need for further cleaning, it will alert you to press a button that sees it undergo a 2-minute cleaning cycle of the electrolysis chamber. We also like that the machine alerts you when the filter needs to be changed.

Brand IntelGadgets
Power Source Ac
Model Name IT-588
Material Glass, Plastic
Item Dimensions LxWxH 12.2 x 4.92 x 8.66 inches

Pros :

  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • Its maintenance is easy.
  • It has CE, SGS, and ISO certifications.

Cons :

  • Some people complained that installing it is a little tricky.

The intel Gadgets IONTECH IT-757 is Suitable for anyone looking for a water ionizer with accurate and precise pH level adjustment.


The fifth product on our list is the PURE HYDRATION PH127. This is an all-natural alkaline antioxidant hydrogen water machine that naturally transforms tap water into supercharged alkaline antioxidant water. The hydrogenated water it produces plays a vital role in keeping you healthy. It improves blood circulation, boosts your immune system, enhances digestion, hydrates your body, and energizes your whole body. The water is excellent for drinking, cooking, making coffee, and more.

The PH127 even adds potassium and magnesium for healthier hydration of the body. This water ionizer is capable of removing 99 percent of 330 water contaminants. Moreover, it is battery-powered, does not need electricity to run, and boasts of a no wastewater system. With a flow rate of 2.2 quarts, this machine will not keep you waiting. It includes a diverter valve installation kit and an extra faucet kit to make any form of installation more straightforward.

Therefore, it can be placed as a countertop connected to your refrigerator or any faucet at your home or office. And can also easily convert to an under-counter machine using its quick-connect ports. Its sleek and portable design ensures you can travel with it or move it around easily. For a more hygienic process, we liked that PH127 uses a germ-free touchless on and off the system.

Simply place your hand near the sensor, and the machine goes about doing its work. Another thing we like is that it has a blue LED to signify the healthy operation of the unit and a red LED to indicate that the filters are due for a change.

PURE HYDRATION PH127 Specifications
Brand Cosan/USA
Item Dimensions LxWxH 11 x 5.5 x 12.5 inches
Item Weight 13 Pounds
Purification Method Activated Carbon, Carbon Block, Molecular Hydrogen, Mineral Ionization, Naturally Raised pH

Pros :

  • It is easy to install.
  • The cartridge is effortless to change.
  • It is straightforward to operate.

Cons :

  • It requires frequent filter changes.

The pure hydration 127 is suitable for anyone looking for an affordable water ionizer that works well right out of the box.

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