Which is the Best Portable Solar Power Stations in 2022?

Portable Solar Power Stations are the best option if you need to power personal electronics and small appliances while spending long periods away from AC outlets or if you want to have backup power ready to go in case of an emergency. There are a few things to consider, so keep read this article to find out which one fits your needs.



Our first portable solar power station is the BLUETTI. If you enjoy camping, traveling around in your RV, or spending your weekends outdoors, this generator is the one for you as technology has now caught up with the demand for on-the-go power. This unit is hard to beat in terms of the range of outlets offered. Two extra 12-Volt sockets have been added to the usual host of USB connectors and cigarette lighter style ports. This enhances the versatility of the unit by powering new classes of electronic devices. The Bluetti utilizes the newest battery technology using LiFePo4 cells. These provide around 3500 charge cycles, giving the advantage of lasting longer than regular Lithium Power cells. This device has a rugged look, with two handles molded in the frame, which help with moving this rather bulky unit around safely. There are High gauge low-loss power cables are provided for photovoltaic, car, and AC charging with an XT90 mating on one side. There’s also a touch-sensitive display that serves to navigate the menu. With the Bluetti, charging a smartphone has never been simpler, thanks to two wireless charging pads integrated into the top of the power station. They provide 15 Watts of power output, which should take about two hours to charge a phone completely. There are several ways to charge this device when that massive battery runs out. The most obvious method is with the supplied 411 Watt AC power block, which should take about 4.5 hours to charge the batteries completely. However, a faster way is actually by using the solar panel input, which allows a maximum power of 700 Watts, thus charging the unit in less than 3 hours. For those situations where there are no mains outlets and no sun, the Bluetti can be charged off a car battery, this is pretty slow, but you can always use multiple methods to save time. Overall this product provides a vast range of options that make it useful in any situation. 

Pros : 

  1. It has an extensive range of different connectors.
  2. It uses the latest battery technology.
  3. It has wireless charging options.
  4. It can be quickly powered up with a rangeof methods.


  1. It is much larger and heavier than other products. 

The BLUETTI is a highly efficient portable power station with excellent specifications. The new technology used will guarantee a long life time and the copious amount of output sockets that make it very versatile.

2. Jackery


Jackery is an American brand that develops portable solar power solutions. Their products include solar panels, solar generators, and other related devices. The Explorer 1000 solar generator is supported by a lithium-ion battery with a 1002 Watt-hour capacity. It has more than enough capacity to charge a phone over 24 times or a laptop 3-4 times. This device can also power up a mini cooler for 18 hours or an LED light anywhere between 6-21 hours, giving you excellent all-around versatility. An essential feature of the Jackery explorer 1000 is its range of potential charging sources; different outputs do affect how quickly it recharges, for example, using a couple of 100 Watt solar panels will completely charge the generator in just six hours. Yet, it can also achieve full charge within 5.5 hours using a standard AC adaptor or a 12 Volt car adaptor. Speaking of versatility, the Explorer 1000 is outfitted with various outputs, allowing you to power many devices concurrently. It has a single AC outlet, one DC car port, and two USB-A ports. It basically powers any device which operates under 200 watts. This means you can power many sensitive devices without damaging them, so things like your phone, laptop, and string lights can be used indefinitely whenever you take a road trip or go camping. Moreover, the Jackery Explorer 1000 is made of high-grade, durable materials, making it ideal for outdoor use. Plus, as it weighs 22 pounds and measures just 13 inches wide, it makes for a perfect portable generator to bring to any outdoor event. Additionally, it is easier to carry around with you than the solid handle incorporated into its design. Another great feature of this product is its intelligent display that allows you to monitor the generator’s input and output power along with what’s left of its battery life. When it comes to safety, the Explorer 1000 utilizes a pure sine wave AC outlet, providing a safe and stable output and thusensuring safe charging of delicate devices. If what you are after is a high-quality and versatile solar generator for camping, the Explorer 1000 is the one to get. 

Pros : 

  1. It has an excellent power capacity.
  2. It is very robustly constructed.
  3. It can provide safe, stable power wherever you are.


  1. Although Jackery make compatible solar panels, as with the other products, they are sold separately. 

The Jackery Explorer 1000 is a highly functional product that can reliably charge all your favorite devices when out in the wilderness. 



The third product on our list is the EF ECOFLOW RIVER. If what you’re searching for is maximum power potential, look no further than the Ecoflow River. This is a 600 Watt portable power station with a battery surge capacity of 1200 Watts which is enormous considering it’s not much larger than the other units on this list. This device has an interesting modular design, which means you can connect external batteries to increase its capacity or join two Ecoflows together, doubling the capacity and unlike many traditional power stations, this product supports fast charging. It can actually recharge from 0 to 80 percent in just 1 hour. This is thanks to the smart MPPT inside the device that enables it to recharge quickly through solar power at a 200 Watt maximum loading scale. That means with two 110 W solar panels connected in parallel under direct sunlight, the Ecoflow can be fully charged in just 1.6 to 3 hours, providing you the freedom to enjoy clean, sustainable power while out in nature. This may not seem significant at first, but when you are traveling in a car, you may not have a lot of time to recharge the power station, so in this situation, the fast-charging capability really helps. This portable power station canpower up to 10 devices simultaneously through its 3 pure sine wave AC outlets. This allows the Ecoflow portable generator to power almost any home appliance, including TVs, Ovens, Rice Cookers, Kettles, Coffee makers, laptops, etc. Additionally, the 11-pound Ecoflow is perfect for camping trips that require a bit of walking with its rugged easy-to-carry handle. It is slightly larger than a toaster, it can simply fit in the trunk of a mini van or in a bag and be ready to go whenever you need an AC power source. This means you will always be prepared for the next adventure. 

Pros : 

  1. It has a massive capacity.
  2. Its unique modular design is convenient.
  3. Its fast charge feature is excellent inany situation.


  1. Its user manual is not terribly clear 

The EF Ecoflow River is an immensely powerful portable generator that is ideal for long road trips. 



If you enjoy taking to the great outdoors on the weekends or live in an area with frequent blackouts, owning a MAXOAK portable powerstation is one of the best investments you can make for peace of mind when using technology outdoors over an extended period. This unit is made from grey plastic with a sturdy aluminum frame. The corners and edges are rounded, making it more durable and means if you slam it into your leg, you won’t get injured by a sharp corner. The MAXOAK tips the scales at about 13.2 pounds, this is a bit heavy but not too bad considering all the features. A  pair of foldable handles make the device easier to carry than you might imagine. There are plenty of power ports that you have easy access to along with a set of three buttons and the power button on top. The others two controls let you activate DC and AC power ports when needed. Furthermore, there’s a clear blue and white LCD screen, which indicates the battery charge level with a five-bar battery meter. Moreover, this unit has an awe-inspiring 45,000 Milli amp hour internal battery capacity. This enables you to charge an iPhone up to 36 times or a MacBook one to five times, depending on the size. It also means you can charge a GoPro camera an unbelievable 80 times, so you’ll never be out of juice. The fact that this unit has the compatibility required to be brought up to a full charge using solar panels is just the icing on the cake. If you need a power pack that provides the maximum amount of power, this is a very solid choice. 

Pros : 

  1. It’s built to a very high standard.
  2. It features a range of port options.
  3. It has a huge battery capacity.


  1. It is too large for air travel.

The MAXOAK is a reliable and long-lasting device that’s very convenient for trips.



The fifth product on our list is the BALDR going camping and getting away from it all is a great experience, yet electricity has become necessary for many of us. Sometimes you need a quick top-up on power before going on a wilderness adventure. This powerful solar generator has a massive 330-watt hour battery which is more than sufficient to power different types of electronic equipment. It can be used for home, travel, or camping. It’s suitable for charging mobile phones, tablet computers, GPS systems, notebook computers, walkie-talkies, GoPros, cameras, drones, holiday lights, and even CPAP machines. And as it just needs a 100-watt solar panel for charging, it works pretty much anywhere. This portable generator can be fully charged using solar energy in 5 to 8 hours, depending on the amount of daylight available. Alternatively, plug into the wall power socket, and it can be fully charged in a shorter time, or be connected to a 12-Volt cigarette lighter car socket, it will charge it within 7-8 hours. What’s more, this BALDR 330 has an excellent battery management system that improves battery utilisation. It extends battery service life by providing short circuit, over current, over voltage, overload, and overheating protection, as well as other functions. In addition, this portable generator is equipped with a wireless charger with a built-in multi-mode flashlight that can quickly charge a mobile phone in case of emergency and help get you noticed with its LED SOS mode. Furthermore, the BALDR portable power station has several connection options, including an AC outlet and three 12 volt DC and three USB ports. There is even a type-c USB port as well for quick charging. Apart from that, you also get a 2 year warranty period and a 30-day replacement guarantee. Lastly, as this device weighs just 7.1 pounds and has a very compact body, so you shouldn’t have to worry about carrying it around as it can easily fit in any travel bag, 

Pros : 

  1. It’s compatible with most solar panels.
  2. It has multiple overload safety features. 
  3. It is lightweight enough to be carried easily.


  1. No matter what your solar panel output is,its charging speed remains the same.

The Baldr 330 is a very functional devicethat works great for regular excursions to the outdoors. 

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